I want to address something that I feel is important to acknowledge, but will seem counter-culture to how businesses operate. 

I am not the only wedding videographer to choose from.

In fact, if you pulled up google and did a search for one in your area, I imagine there are endless options. But endless options isn't what you need.

You need a way to identify who the right option is for you and your partner. 

For you, the deciding factor could be reviews.
In which case, I have a 1oo% satisfaction, 5 star rating on google. 

Maybe reviews aren't as important and it matters more about what the work looks like to you.
If so, I have plenty of samples on my site for you to get a feel for my work.

Or perhaps it's more about budget. 
My packages start out at $4500 for weddings (inquire for elopement pricing) and increase from there depending on your need.

Still undecided? 

The section below goes further in depth in regards to who I am as a person, the way I approach filming + each couple, and what's important to me. 

Stick around for a bit and explore. 

I'm Nick 

Dedication to craft,


To Your Story

unwavering kindness

Four years ago, I was a newlywed who had lost his job a few weeks before the wedding.

On top of that, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks and I was feeling overwhelmed and lost.
When everything came crumbling down, I decided in that moment to reinvent myself, to find myself.

You may be thinking: "I just want to feel warm fuzzies, my guy. Not hear your life story." 
So why am I telling you this?

It was during those tough times that I discovered what I loved most; self-improvement, progress, and storytelling.
They go hand-in-hand, really. That's all a story is - progress, growth, movement. It's how can I move this story forward?

Since finding my voice through storytelling, I've been able to heal and find my purpose.
I'm panic attack free, living a life I never could have imagined, traveling the world + meeting the most incredible people.

Everyone has a story to tell...I've told you a small portion of mine.
Now let me tell yours the way it deserves to be told - fully, authentically, and beautifully. 

There's beauty all around us. Even in the hard moments.


Before falling in love with filmmaking, I was a singer/songwriter + musician for the majority of my life. I've written over 150 songs and every now and then I'll do a reddit livestream or play out in the wild.

Fun story - one of my couples had their musician cancel the night of their rehearsal dinner, so I ended up bringing my gear to sing for their cocktail hour and transitioned back into filming for the speeches + the rest of the evening. I can also legally officiate weddings in the state of Georgia...so I suppose hypothetically speaking...I could officiate, film, and sing at your wedding - but let's not get too wild. 

When I'm not filming, you'll find me: in nature, indoor bouldering, hiking, dreaming about getting a dog, practicing yoga, podcasting (The Mostly Good Podcast), getting inked up, endlessly scrolling TikTok, going to therapy, late night binging shows, writing screenplays, and traveling the world with my wife, Lauren. 

We always keep our passports up-to-date and are lowkey obsessed with traveling + hotels (there are weirder things to be into).
If there's a way to get to your wedding (planes, trains, cars), we're in. 

Living the gluten free life, but not in the annoying fad kind of way.

Where's my celiac crew?



There's a phrase in Japanese culture called "Ichigo Ichie" that I feel best sums up the way I view life and my approach to working with each couple. 

Ichigo Ichie has been translated as "for this time only" and "once in a lifetime."

The term reminds people to cherish any gathering that they may take part in, citing the fact that any moment in life cannot be repeated; even when the same group of people get together in the same place again, a particular gathering will never be replicated, and thus each moment is always a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What you and I will create together will be one-of-a-kind because of this belief, Ichigo Ichie.
Your wedding will be unique and beautiful because it will be a completely new experience for me and I will view it as such. 

It's a good reminder to stay present to what's in front of me + pay attention to the beauty all around me. 
It's also a good reminder for you on your wedding day because the only thing that matters is you and your partners love. 

Not being pressed about the details of your day. 
It's a reminder to let go and trust your team of vendors to take care of you so you can be present to this once in a lifetime moment that cannot be replicated. 

Authenticity / Kindness / Curiosity / Openness 


Weird phrase huh?
So what in the hell does it mean? 

I'm not here to simply capture what's happening around you, although I will.
I'm here to bring a sense of calm, kindness, and positive energy to your day...without making it about me or being noticed.

I want you to watch your film and ask: "how in the hell did he capture that? I didn't even notice him!" 
I want it to feel like you didn't just spend your entire day with a stranger.

If you need water, I've got you.
If you're feeling overwhelmed, need a break from poses, or a particular guest won't leave you alone, I've got you covered.

 I want your experience working with me to be just as memorable as the film I create for you.

Feel my kindness, not my presence.



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The finished product was BEYOND my expectations. The quality of the actual video footage alone is insane! I was unsure of how he was going to decide what clips to include in the video / how he was going to know what parts of the day were important to us but somehow he just knew! I had multiple friends tell me that I wouldn't regret spending money on a videographer and I will say that I definitely do not and would recommend Jones & Co to anyone.

Casey + JIM

When my Dad died 4 months before our wedding, I was devastated for so many reasons, but one of those was that I was not going to hear the words that he would say at our wedding. I remember watching him at my sisters weddings and thinking how special that moment was. I never in a million years imagined walking away from this video truly feeling like he was there, saying all of those things to my husband and I. Nick gave me that moment back. And I am forever grateful.


I just don’t know how he does what he does, but it truly is a gift. His ability to tell a story is amazing and he truly gets to know each couple he works with! He has a way of making couples feel so comfortable in front of his camera, and my husband will admittedly say that was a challenge for him until working with Nick. I truly think that shows in all of his films. His ability to make you comfortable and his desire to make each film tell a story makes him such an easy choice for brides looking for wedding videographer. 


Our film is AMAZING and he captured all of the little details and sentimental touches. I cried multiple times watching our film for the first time. My grandparents couldn’t make it to our wedding due to the pandemic, and we chose to FaceTime them before our wedding ceremony. Nick captured that FaceTime call in our film, and having that conversation documented forever means the world to us.Not only is his work incredible, but Nick himself is extremely down to earth and easy to feel comfortable around! He truly gets to know you and your partner as a couple to make sure your film is authentically you.


11/10 would recommend!! Nick is SO talented. If you’re thinking about booking Jones & co. DO IT!!!! Nick & Lauren are so easy and FUN to work with. They were on top of capturing every detail of our wedding and did not add any stress to our day. Our video is INCREDIBLE!! We have received so many compliments and have watched it 92528252 times. Can’t wait to come up with an excuse to use them in the future ;)



stay open + curious to whatever the universe brings Your way. 

Who knows what it will bring?


Where are you based?

I lived in Savannah, Georgia for all of my life until Summer of 2021. I now live in Denver, Colorado but frequently film in Georgia. I also recently booked my first international weddings for this year and for 2023. 

Do you film internationally?

You bet I do! Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to shoot a destination wedding or elopement. If you're thinking of taking your celebrations overseas, please get in touch so we can chat about the finer details.

Do you film same-sex weddings?

A million times YES! LGBTQIA+, no matter how you identify and regardless of how you define your relationship, I'd love to be a part of your wedding day. 

Do you film elopements?

If you and your partner are thinking of skipping the fuss and running off to have a private ceremony, I'd be absolutely honoured to document your intimate ceremony. Contact me for more info on pricing for elopements. 

How will I receive my film(s)?

I will upload your film to youtube for you to view it first. Once you've seen your film and love it, I will send you a download link via dropbox. If you've purchased an add-on for the raw footage, I'll add your films to the hard drive with the raw unedited footage and mail it to you. 

Lets Make Some Fucking Magic