Who is jones & CO?

My name is Nick and I’m a thirty year old native of savannah, georgia. I have celiacs (goodbye traditional southern food) and I’m into hot yoga, tracking down gluten-free desserts, canyoneering, and people with good vibes. Fun fact, my wife is a super talented photographer who works for a pretty well known design agency.

I film and edit all of our content, however I do have two other videographers that I can trust to hire for anything requiring more than my services.

My goal is to expand the team in 2020, as we have seen tremendous growth in our first year of business.

Who are some of your current or past clients?

We don’t typically like to brag, but since you’re asking: Porsche, The Alida Hotel, Telfair Museum, Dancing dogs yoga, Patriot Advantage, Hustle & Blow, Ivory & BEau (to name a few).

Why does videography cost so much?

I want to first start off by saying that I hear you. I totally understand your concern and that you want to make sure that your final product is worth the cost. It would be irresponsible if you didn’t ask questions and do your homework - feel free to shop around. However, just because two companies are priced SIMILARLY, doesn’t mean they are equal in quality of work.

Now to answer your question.

Depending on the type of shoot we are doing (in this case lets say a wedding), we will typically spend 10 hours filming and 2-3 hours of traveling. In addition to this, the gear we use isn’t cheap. In order to provide you with the highest quality possible, we need to invest into the proper gear. On top of this, i will spend 10-12 weeks editing your film.

Could this be done sooner? Sure, absolutely.

But answer me this - do you want your surgeon to do a really quick job of your open heart surgery or take his or her time to ensure the best quality of care? Right.

Not to mention the time spent combing through hours of footage to find the best shots, searching for the right songs to use, color correcting and color grading each clip, balancing audio, and sound design. all while trying to keep your film true to you as a couple and telling your story the way it deserves to be told.

More importantly, the time it takes to become a skilled filmmaker, the continual education and dedication to the craft.

Who chooses the music for my video?

Anytime you would like for a song to be used in a video, you will need to make sure it has been properly licensed in order to avoid troubles with the law. One of the ways this is done is through websites such as (this is the site I choose to use but there are others). Typically mainstream songs are not used in wedding films because it would be VERY expensive (think Ed Sheeran). However, in commercial work, mainstream songs are more popular because the budget is larger.

Now to back up a little bit…

When it comes to wedding films, I typically choose the songs. This is to ensure that the flow of the video is cohesive. Once I feel that I have a good understanding of who the couple is (what they like, dislike, tone of their wedding, etc) I will then choose music that matches the emotional tone of their video. If the wedding was a super upbeat, happy, and fun wedding…then I would choose music that fits that tone. If the wedding was emotional and romantic, I would then choose music that best fits that tone. I am always open to suggestions - feel free to browse and find songs that you like.

we want to make a video for our business but don’t know what it should be about. Does Jones & Co assist with this?

Yes - we can absolutely help you with this. We are happy to walk you through the process and storyboard everything out.


how far are you willing to travel?

One of my values at Jones & Co is living a life worth living. For me, that means having a spirit of adventure. If there is a way to get to your location (plane, train, boat, or car) then I am happy to make the trip. So far I’ve had the opportunity to work in Colorado, New York, and soon to be Iceland.